Friday, May 23, 2014

HB953- Just Say NO

Okay troops, we had a great day in Senate Ed yesterday but our work is not yet done.  Just one more week of emails and calls, then we can have a little down time.

We need to get to work on Leger's HB953 which passed through Senate Ed yesterday.

A little backstory on this bill:
When Leger presented this bill in House Ed on April 30th, he announced that he had added amendments (the night before) that would be the "heart of the bill."   Those amendments COMPLETELY changed this bill.  

Very sneaky tactic...

This bill does two things:
1) Delay consequences for teachers/ districts based on assessments.
***This little bit is the "cheese" on the mouse trap.  It's just to lure people in.  And it did. 

2) Cement us to Common Core
***SNAP!  Thats the "arm" of the mouse trap, slamming down on the state of Louisiana, pinning us to Common Core.

If you click on the link below, you can read the original bill, and then the reengrossed (current form) of this bill.

Here is the concern:
Even though the Governor has publicly opposed this bill, we worry that he will sign this bill into law.

Gov. Jindal's policy advisor, Stafford Palmieri has been asked if this bill will cement us to Common Core.  Her response was that the Governor's attorney said that it would not.  Common Core is the ONLY thing that will satisfy the standards and PARCCor SBAC are the only test that will satisfy the testing requirements laid out in the bill.

We need to try to kill this bill on the Senate floor... it will come up for a vote next week.  Please contact every senator and ask them to vote NO for this bill.


Contact Governor Jindal and let him know that the people of Louisiana are WELL AWARE of the full scope of this bill, and we REJECT it!


Senate Email List:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

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